22 thoughts on “Have You Ever..

  1. My partner’s shoes usually look like they staged a riot on the closet floor. This makes me crazy and I tend to straighten them periodically. She often teases me about my need for order until she wore two different shoes to work on a day when she had to make an important presentation. (Now she thanks me when I straighten her shoes.)

    • That sounds like a time for a big grin and a ‘I told you so’ look. Of course, that’s after a comforting and sympathetic, I’m sorry your day was tough. 😉
      If I do not keep both my shoes and my socks organized, there is no telling what I would wear out. 8)

  2. I have not worn two different shoes, but I have driven my kids to school with my slippers still on. I was fully dressed and ready for the day, mind you, but I forgot to change my slippers for my shoes. I’m quite pleased I didn’t get pulled over for speeding that morning…

  3. I haven’t done that, but my hula sisters and I are still laughing at our fellow dancer who arrived to practice wearing two different shoes. We still call her Ms. P. Two-Shoes! lol xoxoM

  4. This is a severe case of the left foot not knowing what the right foot is doing. I recommend you visit Real Woman’s Health, knock three times and ask for Katie. She is wearing the other two shoes 😉 Ralph xox

  5. Beautiful responds, . l have come back home after driving few miles to check whether l closed the garage door..Thank you for liking my post ( Best version….) .All the best.jalal

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