Katie’s Kitchen: Foot and Facial Scrub



No cooking needed!  My latest kitchen adventure ended in the bathroom.  Wait, that does not sound right….

I made scrubs for my feet and my face.  Each scrub has a sugar, a base oil for moisture, and a several drops of each essential oil used.

For the face:

Grapeseed Oil

Date Sugar (it has a fine grain)

Lavender Oil

Tea Tree Oil 

For the Feet:

Almond Oil

Turbinado Sugar (coarse grains)

Lavender Oil

Tea Tree Oil

Eucalyptus Oil

I need to put some more base oil in both mixes to get it the way I want, but they are really nice.

I wash my face as usual after the facial scrub (1-2x/week) but just a good rinse and my special, fuzzy nighttime time socks for my feet.

It does make a bit of a mess.  I therefore, have relegated the foot scrub to the tub and the facial to the shower.

Have you ever “cooked” your cosmetics or soap?





20 thoughts on “Katie’s Kitchen: Foot and Facial Scrub

  1. It’s not you in the tub or shower sandblasting yourself Katie which I find funny. It’s the special, fuzzy nighttime time socks which are intriguingly funny 😆 Happy Sunday !! Ralph xox 😀

  2. How about a superfine sugar instead of date sugar? And I’m thinking lavender and peppermint oils for the feet…hmmm, may have my own kitchen/bathroom experiments. Thanks, Katie! xoxoM

    • Peppermint! Of course! I guess because I keep that one in the bathroom….out of site, out of mind. Thanks! 8)
      Any sugar you have in mind? That was the finest I saw at my little organic shop. There is a natural shop up the street that might have a different selection. If I want to use it more often, I will need a finer grain.
      I was also thinking maybe a salt for the feet next time??

      • I was just thinking of the supermarket superfine sugar, nothing fancy since it’s not being ingested and is just being used for the abrasive qualities. I thought of salt, too. Whole Foods has a salt scrub scented with vanilla and clove, I think, which I usually don’t like, but the combination is to swoon for! I think they call it Zanzibar blend, or something like that. But I like the home-made approach – just don’t use citrus essential oils in these experimentations since they’re photosensitive and you spend a LOT of time in the sun! 😉 xoxoM

  3. I will try this… It may freak my husband out a little, but he has getting use to the things I try… lol…

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