Upside Down Day at the Doctor’s Office

Just a quick update.  I will go into more detail later.

I followed up with an integrative medicine doctor today for lab results.

The upside down of it:

Cholesterol is too low

Blood Pressure is too low

I need to use more salt

Do less cardio exercise


6 thoughts on “Upside Down Day at the Doctor’s Office

  1. Shoot, you know there are plenty of folks who would kill for the more salt – less cardio regiment (or who are already practicing it.) But it sounds like your own journey is one for wellness. Our bodies are fascinating but can be equally frustrating. Taking care of myself is one of my highest priorities, and I have had enough ups and downs with iron deficiency and blood sugar that I can relate to the feeling of being let down. Perhaps, this will be an opportunity to expand your repertoire – do you fancy activities like yoga or lifting? Enjoy kale chips with a sprinkling of salt?

    • I have been thinking about Yoga, and that was one of the options the doc gave me. I have not made kale chips in a while…that sounds good, thanks!

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