Katie’s Kitchen: Dip, Soup and a Puppy

Meet Flash

Meet Flash

Last last time I experimented with  a new soup, I was invited to go with friends to pick up a new puppy.  Well, lightening does strike twice.  The puppy picture may be cute enough to help the soup picture.  It looks gross but tastes really nice.  I will be adding garlic next time.

The soup experiment:

Start with a few stalks of celery, chopped onion, chopped tomato, bell peppers (grocery stores often have these prepped to save some chopping).  Make them sweat with a bit of olive oil.  Added 1/2 leak (save the other half for after the blender).

Rinse and add green and red lentils and mung beans.  Add chicken stock and cilantro.  Simmer until the beans soften.

Cool a bit and put in the blender.  I added mushroom stock because it became too thick as the beans soaked up the juices.

At this point it seemed to be more hummus like than resembling any kind of soup.

Back in the pot with more chicken stock, leak, chopped baby portobellos coated with lemon, parsley and celery.

I kept the spices simple with just pepper and Himalayan salt.

Soup Dip


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