Back To Earth

I happen to know someone that is very passionate about walking barefoot in the grass.  He may be on to something!

While scouring the internet for Lyme’s Disease information, I came across a site that discussed Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt’s views on electromagnetic fields and microwave radiation.  He advises his patients to eliminate as much as they can afford.  It involves taking all wireless phones and internet out of the house.  Using protective, shielding paint on your home and wearing special clothes.  His certainty that these measures are necessary for recovery led me to at least check it out.

There is a book about Earthing.  It proposes that humans have traditionally spent time in direct contact with the earth and we are less healthy for our modern disconnect.  The author describes research results and anecdotal stories of the benefits of becoming reconnected and grounding ourselves.  He describes some of science behind his theory and it intrigued me.  I have not had the energy to spend much time outside, so…I experimented on myself.

Test 1:

Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamps

Click for site and more info

I actually ordered a lamp awhile ago.  I thought it was pretty.  There was not a lot of scientific thought behind the purchase.  It is supposed to help purify the air and decrease the effect of “electro-smog”.  I plugged it in and about 4 hours later, I began to get a nasty headache. The air did seem fresher in the room it was in.  It took a couple of weeks for me to turn it on again.  I have not had another nasty headache but do not leave it plugged in for the endless hours that some suggest.

Test 2:

Earthing Sheet

I ordered a sheet.  It seems more like a confession than a declaration to admit it.  I have used it inconsistently since it arrived.   I was hoping to use the grounding stick that leads to ground outside, but one of the connectors I need was not included.  So, what I have to do is test an outlet (tester provided) and stick a plug into just the ground.  At first, I noticed some random twitching or tingling.  I tend to have random twitches anyway, so I am not sure if it was the sheet or just me paying attention.  The manufacturer does state that it may take months to see a significant difference.  I will keep trying it and let you all know if there is some great epiphany.  One of my patients told me that she bought one used from a neighbor that had a pacemaker and thought it was not a good idea to use it.  The patient told me that her husband had fabulous results with his varicose veins.

UPDATE:  I stopped using the sheet after waking to with weird symptoms a couple of times.  It may have just been strange dreams and sleeping in awkward positions, but it stopped happening when I stopped using the sheet.  It also may have been better if it was grounded outside, directly to the earth.

Test 3: 

Shieldite PendantsShieldite - Circle in a Circle Pendant

Shieldite products are supposed to help protect you from electromagnetic fields.  I saw one that would make an interesting necklace and made the plunge.  My work computer runs off a WIFI signal and the days that I have worn the pendent, it ran much slower.  It did help if I put the necklace in my pant’s pocket but only if I was standing while using the laptop.  If I had the laptop down on my desk, it would run slow.  So, I am not sure if it is helping me at all, but it certainly seems to block some of the signals.

UPDATE:  I have not been using it.  I am not very sensitive to EMFs, so maybe I am not sensitive to blocking them.

Bottom Line:

Jury is still out.  I have no idea if they are of any health benefit.  The air seems fresher with the lamp and it is pretty.  The signals seems slower with the pendant.  Sleep is about the same with the sheet and no big changes noted from that at this point.

I will try to walk barefoot in the grass more!


18 thoughts on “Back To Earth

  1. Hi Katie. I have two of those lamps in my bedroom. The bulb has blown in one !! Thanks for reminding me to get it replaced. Your post reminds me of a 50’s B movie. “Katie and the Sheets from Planet Z”. Will she survive ? See the next thrilling instalment of …….. 😉 Ralph xox 😀

        • July?? Good grief. For some reason, I had thought the second referral was a second specialist to add to the first…my brain crossed it up. Fingers crossed and prayers up, I hope you get some answers and soon. 8)

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