Too Much of a Good Thing: B6

Just some information so that others may learn from my wacky world….

I have found a new way to sabotage myself.  Vitamin overdose attacked my legs last week.  B vitamins can be great for nerves, but more is not better.  My adrenal support supplement has some B6 in it and the B12 supplement I take, apparently, also has some B6.

In the past, when patients would ask me about vitamins for their nerves, I would say that I know B vitamins can be really helpful but there is one that can increase nerve symptoms…so ask your doctor or pharmacist.

After experiencing neuropathy type symptoms in my lower legs, I will never forget which one is which!  Luckily, peripheral neuropathy symptoms caused by B6 usually reverse quickly.  I immediately felt better once I stopped taking B6.  I now have a B12 supplement that is ONLY B12.

Safe supplementing everyone!

Random Rainbow Capture Last Week

Random Rainbow Capture Last Week


27 thoughts on “Too Much of a Good Thing: B6

      • It is too easy to forget that “natural” supplements can cause adverse events. I am really glad that is was just the vitamin!
        I do follow up with the doc this week, so I will hopefully have a more comprehensive realignment of my supplements. 8)

  1. Thanks for this information. I have a good friend who thinks that if a little of some vitamin is good, a lot is better. She’s really into the all the B vitamins. I’m going to direct her to your blog.

  2. Did not know that about B6 could backfire and cause more nerve pain! Thanks! Right now I only have B-6 in my multi, and my LLMD just gave me methylcobalmin and methyl folate. The whole Lyme thing is new — I just went to the LLMD for the first time this fall. For years I thought I “just” had fibromyalgia. In 2009 I tested positive for Lyme on a Labcorp Western blot, but the doctor ignored it and ran an ELISA, which was negative, so she decided I was negative. This year someone told me to see an LLMD. It’s all very new. I am taking antibiotics but my CD57 is ridiculously low so I think he’s going to retest me in another month. (I’m going to put this in the about section of my blog once I get around to actually writing it.)

    • They started my treatment late summer based on clinical findings and a Low CD57. My Labcorp blot was negative but I took the IGenex after a month of Doxy and it was positive.
      Good Luck! I look forward to hearing about your progress. 8)

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