thoughts on success

This post is inspired by a random link shared on FB about qualities of successful people.  I clicked through to find an article on how grit and determination are predictors of success.  I suppose that I can agree that those are two good qualities to have when striving to reach goals.

Grit, and therefore success, means going to a networking meeting when you are drained and taking time to write thank you notes after a networking opportunity.  Maybe it is because I am usually tired, but if I am drained, attending a networking party or trying to write thank you notes will only end up making me look like an incompetent idiot who cannot finish sentences or form a coherent thought.  Of course I can sit in the corner and just people watch.  Great way to not say something stupid, but not a very effective networking style.

The underlying premise behind the article is that success is getting a promotion, a raise, and more power.   It is written for business people, so maybe that fits.  However, business people are people and I have a hard time accepting that definition of success for anyone.

What is success?

Is an artist or musician not successful after spending a life doing what they love and sharing it with others?

Is a minister not successful because they do not build a mega-church and instead spend his/her life helping the souls in a small rural area?

Is anyone not successful because they enjoy what they are doing and have no desire to do their boss’s job?

Maybe we all have to define success for ourselves.

What does success mean to you?