Round 2: Killing Lyme

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Doctor’s office

I went back to my LLMD after a month off antibiotics.  Progress has been teasing, but I am not “there” yet.  He is not 100% on why, so we decided to adjust the treatment and go at it another way.  I am now on a Lyme/Bartonella protocol that is targeting cyst forms of the Lyme.  Apparently, Lyme bacteria come in different forms and can hide out in biofilm and/or cysts.  Different antibiotics and natural products tend to target different forms deferentially.  After the first week, I am feeling better.

After taking 8,000 I.U. of sub-lingual D3 every day for several months my level was still only 36 (goal 60-80).  So, he told to increase to 10,000 for now.  I will also change brands to see if that helps at all.

As a side note, I listened to the recording of my visit and I am  a bad patient.  Poor guy was trying to figure out the puzzle and I answered his questions worse than a politician.  He must have been wondering if I had even heard the questions.

Supportive treatment changes (by me, not ordered)

My adrenal support supplements have been decreased to 1-2 a day based on how I have reacted, or not reacted, to them.

Decreased B12 after increasing foot pain unexplained by any other medication timing.  I have started consuming bone broth to try to get B12 more naturally.  I hope B12 survives the 12 hour simmer.

Started taking a mutli vitamin with minerals or vitamin C everyday because I read all the horror stories Mr. Google shared with me when I looked up the new meds.

Oil pulling with coconut oil about 3x/week.  This began after being told that I need 2 small fillings and for other various reasons.

Probiotics were doubled to 100 billion/day.  I occasionally open a 15 bil and keep it in my mouth for a bit and then swallow.  Tastes like unsalted saltine crackers. 🙂

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13 thoughts on “Round 2: Killing Lyme

  1. What a time you’re having… It must be hard to zero in on exactly what the doctor wants to know… because when I’m asked questions about symptoms… my memory gets hazy …when did it start…what is happening… how often etc etc…. I hope with this added med.. things start to get a lot better… How are you managing work or are you off on leave ? Anyway, take care.. Diane

    • He suggested that I start journaling at least once a week. Listening to it, his questions seemed straight forward but I guess my brain connects everything so, what good be yes/no turns into three minute story. 🙂
      I am working, and with this round it seems to be fine so far. 8)

  2. Hi Katie 😀 Everything after LLMD in this post lost me except for these few words “…After the first week, I am feeling better….” Now that is what I love to hear from you my friend. Keep improving….okay ??

    I haven’t kept a journal but I am writing a letter to my neurologist which I keep updating to give to her next week after I have Google Translated it into Spanish. If she smacks me then I know that GT is either very good or not very good 😉 hehe. Ralph xox 😀

  3. Hi. I know how discouraging this battle gets. Stay strong. As for your vitamin d issue, I had the same issue and switched to premier research labs d3 serum. You can get on amazon, its a small bottle but I have had great success! Hope this helps!

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