5 ways I stay warm


  1. Exercise!  Moving around will get your blood flowing and muscles working.  By far, the most portable and cost effective way of warming up.
  2. Heated mattress pad.  There is little that feels as good as crawling into a toasty warm bed at bed time.  Tip: turn it on an hour before retiring for the evening.
  3. Heated blanket.  Snuggle up in a fuzzy warm blanket while you read or watch TV.
  4. Portable space heater.  Be careful to follow the instructions to avoid fire dangers!  These work well at work or in your home.
  5. Soft, warm slippers.  Keep your feet off of the cold floor.  If your feet are cold, the rest will follow.

How do you stay warm?

If your are sensitive to electric fields, avoid #2-4.

You may be able to use central heat less, if you focus on only heated the room that you are in.

Extra tip:  if you use a self-clean oven, winter is the time to run the cycle.

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21 thoughts on “5 ways I stay warm

  1. My portable space heater has become my new best friend. My home office is nice and toasty while the rest of my house is shiver inducing. And yet my teenage sons immediately change into T-shirts and shorts when they get home from school. I get goosebumps just looking at them.

  2. Oooh Katie !! We are going to have fun with this post 😎 <<<cool.

    I reckon there is a 6 & 7.
    #6 A cuddle
    #7 Spontaneous combustion

    It's all my fault. I am to blame for you being cold, pollution, the polar vortex and global warming while at the same time keeping myself and the cats lovely and warm. I have a log burner. Hot polluting air rises into the sky from my chimney, drawing in the cold air from the Arctic, down through Canada, the USA, in the front door of your house, out the back, across the Pond to Spain, into the air intakes at the bottom of the fire which heats the air and up through the chimney and round and round it goes. I won't be using the log burner from May or June 😉

    Are you still talking to me after my confession, Fluffy Slippers ? A hot hug. Ralph xox 😀

  3. Flannel sheets, an electric fire place and nice warm fleece lined slippers along with a soft serpia (I think that is what it is called) blanket and two snuggly puppies!! Perfect for the sub zero temps we have been having!

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