Self Employed?

Who knew not working would take up so much of my time?

I have had ideas for posts:

One More Way I stay Warm

Why Does Every Flower and Candy Company Have to Send Me Three Emails a Day for Two Weeks Prior To Valentines?

Making NOT Going to the Gym an Art Form

Unfortunately, I have not penned any of them.  I have had one conference that I actually came out of my introvert bubble and networked with former co-workers that led to: two text job leads/offers to decline and two phone interviews that led to an online application and in-person meet that led to a pending offer phone call.

There were a couple of online applications to send.  Sounds simple, but they always seem to take longer than they should.  If you upload your resume, why do you then have to fill out pages of questions that ask you for the information that is on your CV???

One of those online applications did lead to a contracting position.  So, I work for myself.  It is kind of cool to be able to dictate how many hours I am willing to work and what days I want to get out of bed.

One application was caught by a recruiting company that clearly did not actually have the job opening that they listed.  The first thing she wanted to know was my complete salary history.  Uhm, really?  I do not even know you, I don’t think so.  She told me that all of her clients require that information before they will even accept an application.   Uhm, really?  I do not even know you.  You called me.  You could be anyone.  So maybe I am paranoid, whatever.  She has tried to contact me through email and by phone at least 3 times since I thanked her and hung up.

18 thoughts on “Self Employed?

  1. It’s not a standard practice. Sometimes you are asked what salary range you are looking for and that’s to make sure no one wastes their time but a complete salary history? I think not. Ask her for hers first.

    • Thanks for the back up one this. The salary range I am looking for would make sense. May be I will ask what her history is and offer some advice if I ever answer her calls. 8)

  2. I wouldn’t give out personal information over the phone either… why do they need your payment history… maybe salary expected ..weird! Have you found that the medication is helping still? It is so unbelievable (but it Is ) that you have gone so long with such debilitation.. and the government doesn’t want to consider Lyme disease as important.. !!!
    Hope the work at home does help because I’m sure you need the income…. Diane

  3. Ugh, what a fishy-sounding recruiter. I liked your funny post ideas. I have also made not going to the gym an art form. In fact, I have not even joined … I am finally strong enough to do light walking and there is a YMCA with a track two blocks from my apartment. Have I joined yet? No! I keep saying “next week.”

  4. Hi Katie 😀 Wow. You really do find them don’t you ? Well, it makes a good post !! And congratulations for working for yourself. Please send your salary details as I need them to see if you can afford me 😉 hehe. Ralph xox 😀

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