Using the Health Insurance Marketplace

One of the pleasures of being self-employed is that I have to purchase my own health insurance.  Sorry, this post may be bit boring for my international friends.

In order for the insurance to be active by the first of next month, I had to apply by the 15th of this month.

It was easy!

I logged on to  I scrolled through little boxes that summarized each plan.  After narrowing it down to three plans, I clicked on the plans to check out the details.  Picked one.  Clicked <enroll>.  Done! No questions about my health, my history or my family.

Because the state I live in does not offer its own marketplace, none of the plans included dental benefits.  No problem.  I just repeated the same process after clicking on the dental option.

You do have to make your first payment before the insurance will be activated.  Your new insurance company will contact you or you can do what I did and call the insurance company to make payments.

It may take a little longer to apply if you think that you may qualify for assistance.  You may need to enter income information off your tax form or payroll stub.  They have screening questions that let me know that I was not qualified.

Good Luck!

17 thoughts on “Using the Health Insurance Marketplace

    • Obamacare, aka: the affordable care act, I believe was supposed to make sure everyone had access and could afford it. Each state has done it a little different. In my state and some others, the governors refused some of the funding and so a hole is left for the most needy. Not being turned down for preexisting conditions had worked well, except i have heard that insurance carriers in one state found a loop hole to deny HIV patients coverage. They are going to court.
      My prediction: check back in 10 years and we will either have the old system or a single payor system….maybe 20 years. 😉

  1. I so refreshing to hear a positive comment about the new health care. It was definitely needed but as many new things, we can expect kinks. I get tired of the negativity about every new change made with anything. None of them are perfect especially at first. Glad that you experience was good and easy. Perhaps you should go on TV!

  2. Thank you for posting about your positive experience. I think there are many others who are pleased with the process, but these are not the people we hear from. It’s the negative experiences that make the news. It’s nice to hear from those who’ve navigated the new waters without difficulty.

  3. Hi Katie 😀 Glad to see that you are paying obama’s wages 😉 I bet there are conditions on those policies……ie. Page 6, para127, subsection c, amendment 13a, section 4, see appendix 8…….if you are ill we do not pay out 😉

    Your stamps have arrived at Pedro’s today. He is thrilled with them. Ralph xox 😀

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