How to clean your kitchen, the hard way


  1. Over cook breakfast


2.  The next step is much more complicated.

Remember late in the morning that it is trash day and there are things in the refrigerator that you need to get out.  Be in a hurry, and do not pull your hair back, because why would you want to see what you are doing?

Cleaning out the old food will make you realize that the fridge needs a quick wipe down.  This will make you realize that there is gunk stuck in the crease between the glass and the shelf frame.  Take out the frame and the glass.  Wait until the glass starts to react to the temperature change.  For maximum effect make sure the fridge door and a couple of cabinet doors are open.

Pick up the glass off the shelf in just the right spot to create the exact pressure needed to cause a glass explosion.

Glass explosion

If your stove is dirty, try letting soup boil over.


20 thoughts on “How to clean your kitchen, the hard way

    • Good idea! They stopped making that part, so I suppose, the best way to clean is just to buy new stuff. 😉
      I think I will see how much I miss that shelf. At the very least, wait until it gets dirty again. 8)

  1. Hi Katie 😀 Oh dear !! You are having one of those days !!! What you need is what I’ve got……a Toni, my next door neighbour, who cooks and cleans for me. You can borrow her, except Sundays, and evenings, and the third month after the full moon falls on the 15th of a month with an “R” in it 😉 Ralph xox 😀

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