Tommie Copper and the Acupuncturist Vs Foot Pain

My first steps almost every morning for the past several years have greeted me with the soreness that usually comes from plantar fasciitis.  My Lyme literate doctor (LLMD) has felt that this pain along with occasional burning and tingling is likely a symptom of Bartonella (a common co-infection of Lyme).  Two weeks ago, I began to have symptoms all day that became worse at night.  The LLMD wanted to know if any of my symptoms changed, so I called and left a message.  Through his nurse, he told me it was the Bartonella and suggested I add either another antibiotic or a herbal mixture called A-Bart.  The antibiotics I am already on are supposed to battle both Bart and Lyme, so I opted for the herbal boost.

Before I received the new medicine, I noticed that wearing compression stockings helped.  I ordered a pair of Tommie Copper socks that I could wear more comfortably and for longer periods of time.

Product Details

The compression seems to be the trick for reducing the tingling, burning and aching.  Who knew? Well, I am sure someone did, but not me.

A day or so before Tommie came to my door, I had an acupuncture treatment.  I saw a Groupon a few months back and snatched it.  It was about to expire, so I thought; why not go for it?  While I, generally, do not shop for medical treatment on social media coupon sites, it was a really good deal and close to home.  I was a little sore around the Achilles area after the treatment, but the next day, I did feel better.  The previous visit, she focused on just evaluating the situation.  I do not understand all the science behind it, but she did a sort of electrical impedance test that measures meridians and any imbalances. The pie graph is supposed to be all green if everything is peachy fine.  Many look like:

Mine had NO green areas.  Apparently, I am out of balance from left to right/top to bottom.

I guess I can give both compression socks and acupuncture thumbs up to helping manage neuropathy type symptoms and Achilles tendon pain.  I do not know if they work as well for things like diabetic neuropathy and tendonitis/tendonopathy, but they may be worth a shot.

Extra self treatment: Resumed vitamin B12, but at lower dose, increased Vitamin C

Be well 🙂


14 thoughts on “Tommie Copper and the Acupuncturist Vs Foot Pain

  1. I think I need a pair of those socks, they’re much more stylish than any compression socks I’ve ever seen! And good call on the b12 there my dear, levels that are low can cause the pins and needles. :/

    • I use the compression sock designed for athletes. They are more comfortable, and I feel less sad in them. Almost like wearing soccer socks. 🙂
      I over did the B vitamins before, so now I am cutting them in fourths instead of halves.

  2. Glad that you at least got a bit of relief… What about your fatigue? Are you feeling any better at all. Does the doctor say that you can be completely cured of this in time or perhaps always have some lingering symptoms to deal with? Diane

    • The fatigue is getting better! I don’t think they will ever say “completely cured”, but I think I will get mostly if not fully recovered. The goal, I think, is to get my immune system high enough and the bacteria low enough, that my body will keep everything balanced and working.

  3. I’m not disagreeing but offering an added suggestion. Out of everything I have tried barefooting in the grass has been the most beneficial.

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