Long Island Medium meets too much free time

Photo: Did last night's episode have you in tears? Which reading got you emotional? http://ow.ly/vZW0V

I was watching TV this morning in an attempt to procrastinate getting ready for work.  I ended up looking in on Theresa Caputo giving readings.

At some point in every reading she would say something akin to:  “just know that when you were doing ________ that the soul of your loved one was present.”

Put another way: that moment when you thought you were alone, someone was watching and

they know what you did.  

Does that freak anyone else out?


21 thoughts on “Long Island Medium meets too much free time

  1. Not really…. because too many of these ‘mediums’ are too generalized in their ‘readings’ and seem to know the phrases to use …. and people who lose someone close to them want so much to believe everything …. I guess you could call me skeptical… Diane

    • The show can be entertaining. I am a bit of a skeptic, but I don’t know what I don’t know. It was just the thought that someone is always watching that freaked me out a bit. I suppose it gives me a flash back to the guilt teachings from elementary school that included– well God sees everything and He knows what you are thinking. So you better behave and think happy thoughts 24/7.

  2. I agree with writerwannabe – I do not trust these mediums or whatever they are called, I know where my loved one is and where our love rests I do not need anyone telling me. For my two cents worth, God is not watching us, He already knows our hearts. It would mean to me to make sure our hearts are pure with the love of His Son more than “behaving” ourselves. Once our hearts are cleansed we will then reflect the life God desires of us. I don’t need a medium to tell me this, I only need the Word of God!

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