No More Antibiotics?

I had another trip to the LLMD this week.  After a long discussion of everything past and present, we decided to stop the antibiotics.  Hooray!!

We have hit the little Lyme and Bartonella boogers hard.  The symptoms I have now may be a combination of side effects and dead booger toxin build up.  So I am embarking on a month of detox.  If everything progresses as planned, I will then have a month or so of herbal stuff to boost the immune system and finish off any evil boogers lingering about.

Detox helpers I am not taking:

  • Chlorella – I took it for months until my system started to reject it.
  • Milk thistle – My reaction to this one was immediate.  Instant bad mood in a pill.

Detox helpers I am taking:

  • Alpa-Lipoic acid
  • Parsley drops – Parsley and Burber drops are part of the Cowden protocol to treat Lyme.  Follow link for more information.
  • Burber drops


Evil Little Bugger


19 thoughts on “No More Antibiotics?

  1. Hi Katie 😀 Woohoo !! (Americans say that for some strange reason). I have no idea what I am woohooing about except you are happy about something to do with burping drops. Love Dr Ralph xox ❤

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