I Failed Spring

Spring cleaning is not just for closets!  You may recall that I have an unusual way of cleaning.

Last week, I decided to clean the mold off of the back patio.  My tools: water pressure and bleach.  It worked before, it should work again.  Nope.  I poured some bleach in a small area and decided to let it soak in and work its magic.

Gutter Sense Gutter Cleaning Tool - Improvements

Best thing ever! Click for link.

In the meantime, I would be productive and clean out the gutters.  I cleaned a small section and went back to the patio.

Nope still covered in nasty, stubborn mold and grime.

Back to the gutters.  I made it half way through one side and headed back to the patio.

Started to focus on water pressure from my little water hose.  It worked, a little…

My shoulder was sore from the gutter reacher pole thing and I was dizzy from leaning over to spray the patio at close range.

The only solution at this point:

A long nap and calling a contractor for an estimate on pressure washing.  The company with the best bid, also does windows.  BONUS!!!!

Tonight I went into the garage to put air in my tires. This is a task that should be done way more than once a year.  Especially when you have a slow leak in a tire that no one can find, even after getting new tires.  Who knew the dump truck that met me wheel to wheel 4 years ago would leave an undetectable present.

Thank you for following the stream of consciousness.  A clear display in how I think and clean.

Once in the garage, I remembered that I needed to check a sprinkler because the grass looked like hay in one area.  I turn on the appropriate zone and discover that there is a firehouse level leak out of the side of one of the sprinkler heads.  This has apparently resulted in no water reaching the aforementioned desert zone.

Having learned my lesson, I decided I would call a sprinkler repair dude.  Well, you have to check the rest of the sprinklers if you are calling in a professional.

Sprinklers checked.  Now I am soaked and likely not a good candidate for plugging in an air compressor, or anything to an electrical outlet.

I think it time for a nap…………………….

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