Adrenal Fatigue – One year later

It has been about a year since test results showed that my cortisol and aldosterone levels were really low.  Click for first post on symptoms and causes.

I did not wish to wait until my next doctor’s visit to test again so I found the lab they used and requested a cortisol test.  If I retest aldosterone levels, it will have to wait for a regular MD visit and traditional lab work.

Drum rolllll:





Something seems to be working!!

I also did an AM blood sample that showed a level within the normal range.

For a few weeks prior to the test, I was not taking any adrenal support supplements.  I was still using an increased amount of salt in the form of Himalayan salt.


12 thoughts on “Adrenal Fatigue – One year later

  1. I’m terrible at reading these charts… but it’s higher pretty well all day…. and within normal range pretty well all the time?? Anyway, good news for sure…. so glad for you Katie…Diane

  2. Hi Katie 😀 As usual I haven’t a clue what this post is about. But congratulations as everyone else seems to know. So I’ll drift along with the crowd and say my congratulations. It’s a long way to go to get some salt. I go to the local store. Try it. It saves on airfares and sherpas. Big hug. Ralph xox ❤

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