WearEver Ceramic Cookware

Pure Living 10 Piece Set in Champagne

I having been using a set of WearEver ceramic cookware since December.  I wanted to make the switch to ceramic to get away from Teflon and still retain non-stick options in the cabinet. There was also the issue that my old pots were, well, old and did not cook evenly.

I really enjoy using these ceramic pans.  They cook much more evenly and clean up easily.  If you are looking for the infomercial style non-stick, these are not it.  While they do clean easy, they require a few more wipes than the Teflon pans.  I also find it necessary, or at the least, very helpful to use a little bit of oil (usually coconut) when cooking items like eggs and salmon.

Care:  As per the directions that they came with, I seasoned the pans with oil prior to using the first time.  They are dishwasher safe, however, I do hand wash to preserve the finish as much as possible.

Con:  The handles are attached by rivets on the inside/cooking surface of the pans.  My perfect cookware would not have these as they make it a bit harder to clean and can be an area where germs hideout.

Overall I am so glad that Santa brought these WearEver pans to me and I would recommend these if you are in the market for ceramic cookware.

This post brought to you courtesy of a week’s vacation:

Beach Getaway

Made new friends this week:

Friend oneFriend 2

Tried new food:

Best Burgers!

Best Burgers! Diet blown…

What to try next time I eat on the run.

What to try next time I eat on the run.

Tried a new Recipe:  thanks to The Savvy Sister

I had to substitute a bit but it still came out fabulous!

I had to substitute a bit but it still came out fabulous!

A great week to be sure, I must do it again sometime.

Bubble Burst


12 thoughts on “WearEver Ceramic Cookware

  1. I have a small, ceramic omelet pan that I dearly love and I have to agree about the rivets, they irritate me too. I’m definitely going to try the Roasted Cauliflower recipe.

  2. I got a new induction range in January and had to (gleefully) replace my old pots and pans for magnetic versions. I bought both a few stainless steel pans for browning and deglazing (love those tiny bits that make everything taste wonderful) and ceramic pans. I use the ceramic pans more often and love them but it seems like all the brands have those rivets. You have to scrub around them carefully or you find parts of your last meal there. I did buy a small green (as in environmental) fry pan that is not holding up. I only use it for fried eggs and it has several scratches even those I use nonmetal utensils.

    • I think my next addition will be stainless steel. I am also considering another cast iron. Good to know about the green one as I had been eyeing those as well. Thanks. 8)

  3. As I was washing my 40-year-old stainless steel pots this morning, I was contemplating what a great buy they were (even though they were hideously expensive at the time), bemoaning that the Teflon skillet doesn’t hold up well, and thinking that I’d really like to get a ceramic skillet to replace it. Now I know more about what to look for. Thanks, Katie. Hope all is well with you! xoxoM

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