Guilt can be a very useful and helpful tool in guiding you to be the best version of yourself that you can be at any given moment. I will feel guilty if…. I do not workout, if I eat something (or 3 portions of something) I should not, if I cut in line, if I don’t put something tasty in the trash for the bear.
It can become an unnecessary burden that we place on ourselves. I am easy to guilt. Some Facebook posts drive me batty because I feel guilty even though I know that it is ridiculous.

If you love your mom you will share.
If you care about people suffering you will share.
If you hate animal abuse, share.
If you believe in God, you must share.

I apologize to my mom, hungry children, animals, and God. I will not share and pass the guilt on to others. If God needs me to prove myself by sharing FB posts, then my faith has been misinformed.

I think that I will go call my mom now.

6 thoughts on “Guilt

  1. Ok, yes…if you don’t pass this on you are either “not a good person” or “something bad will happen to you.” Hate those things. In fact I am known for not participating. About a year ago, a dear friend had one of those things where you fill out your likes and favorite color (and stuff like that) and you are supposed to pass it onto 10 friends and in the end it’s supposed to come back to you. At the end she was to fill in the person most likely not to pass it on. She put my name on it.

  2. I agree wholeheartedly … I do not ‘share’ those types of guilt-producing posts either. Nor will I forward emails of a Christian content saying the same thing… ‘do not break this chain’ . God knows my heart by what I do and say and have within it… I don’t need to forward an email….. Diane

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