Ode to Pontiac

car wheel


I was going to post on TMD and sleep studies, as I promised earlier.  However, I would then have to get all sciencey and everything.

As I was driving this morning, I noted that my Civic was over 120,000 miles.  It is running well and looks not a day over 50,000. (–knocking on wood–).

My last car was a Pontiac.  Someone had told me, “When it hits 100,000, start looking for a new car.”  The alternator needed replacing every 1-2 years by the time it hit 90,000 and so I started to casually browse new cars.  I thought that I wanted another Pontiac.  Every year, I would look with hope in my heart at the new models being released.  Each year, I would say with disappointment, “Maybe next year.”  The year before Pontiac closed I remember being heart broken as I watched the new GM advert.  They were oh so proud to present a line of gas guzzling pickups and SUVs.

My relationship with Pontiac had begun over a decade before (Likely 2).  I had been taken to the dealership to shop for a new car.  The memory from a child’s eye was that I was actually helpful in picking out a new car.  I remember being asked which car I liked and that was the one that found a new home.  That car would later become my first car.  I learned to drive on that standard transmission and it stayed with me until it was time to go to graduate school.

The last of the Pontiacs made it to 110,000 miles.  It was acting a little weird the night before and barely made it to work the next day.  The last 2 repairs had cost $800 each.  Another quart of oil to get to the rural corner of the parking lot.  I called a charity to come pick it up and I called some friends for a ride to the Honda dealership.  I remember those cars fondly.

I must thank Pontiac for going out of business.  Otherwise, I would still be replacing alternators.


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