The 10 Stages of Lyme

Instead of going through the stages of grief I read about in school, it seems many diagnosed with Lyme disease traverse a different path.

Each path is unique but may look a little like:

  1. I know something is wrong, why haven’t the 5-30 doctors I have seen been able to find something.
  2. I might have what? Never heard much about that.
  3. Research: Cure Unknown, Under Our Skin, Dr. Google, Facebook, Beginner’s Guide to Lyme Disease, Why Can’t I Get Better?
  4. Antibiotics, maybe IVs
  5. 20 different supplements
  6. Diet-no sugar, no gluten, no dairy, non-GMO, organic, unless I cheat.
  7. Outrage, petitions, t-shirts, protests
  8. Homeopathic, ayurvedic, herbs, oils
  9. Biomat, sauna, Epsom baths, EMF tents, coffee????
  10. Sigh, maybe no more Dr. Google

What would you add?


13 thoughts on “The 10 Stages of Lyme

    • No worries! I actually find it almost amusing now. As I see newly diagnosed people expressing similar thought patterns that I had. Like the freshman 10 and senoritis…. Stuff most people experience through any particular path.

  1. I think I’ve mentioned before the controversy and disagreements Lyme disease generates even within the medical community. Not so much the acute symptoms, but more the chronic. Hopefully one day it will get sorted out.

    • Amen. I am starting to feel like researchers are on the edge of figuring out a small handful of things can explain many chronic issues. What those things are, IDK. Somewhere in all the detox, pH, gene expression, hormones, inflammatory processes, immune system stuff……

  2. HI Katie πŸ˜€

    11. Smoke weed, party, drink. (That’s the doctors sorted out)
    12. Go to 1. Do not collect $200.

    Get well my friend and soon, okay ? ❀

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