SUP Saturday Rebellion

Lil' Red and FriendsPatience, recovery, and rehab…

I teach it. I preach it. I skipped it.

Lil’ Red’s whispers grew in my ear.  

Echoing, bellowing, 

“Let’s go to the river,” He shouted.

I ventured out for a short stand up paddle boarding session today.  Tie down straps did not work, the launch fees increased from 3 to 10 dollars.  The crowd started by 9AM when the grounds used to be ghostly until closer to 10:30.

My legs were shaky and my balance faulty.  There were no falls or splashes.  It was clear that I had skimped on my preparation.  My flexibility was surprisingly constrained when transitioning from kneeling to standing.  The muscles in both feet have been spoiled.  A few minutes later, I was back on shore.

It was nice to be back out on the water!

With new exercises in mind, I put Lil’ Red away for another day.


19 thoughts on “SUP Saturday Rebellion

    • It was nice for sure but because I stayed in the deep area near the launch (to keep the ride short) it was too crowded. A birthday party and a row of random people sitting at the waters edge was unexpected. It was a nice start back. 8)

  1. This is really great news Katie. I am so pleased that you have had some time on the water with Lil’ Red and (reading the comments) that you are feeling a little better. Hugs. Ralph xxx ❤

  2. Congrats on getting back out! I have only done it once and it takes quite a lot of energy and hard work to get in and out, let alone spending time on the water. Good for you!

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