USA post election fear prediction: A table with no legs

My mind was musing this morning as I sipped my coffee and watched pundits pundit.

Most seemed simultaneously excited and fearful of the possibility of Mr. Trump becoming President of these United States.

There is a chance he may lose the Republican primary, but with every delegate that he gathers, there seems to be an unease.  By the end of my coffee, everyone seemed to calm down and settle into acceptance that he really may win the nomination.

He may, actually, become President.  Yes, he would need to win the general election but there appears to be a H-U-G-E (Trump voice over) enthusiasm gap that could lead to poor Democratic voter turn out and high Republican turn out.

I began to think…so what….if he really goes off the rails, then Congress can get rid of him.  Well, Congress has agreed to nearly never ever agree on anything. With Trump’s marketing skills, I cannot imagine anyone up for election in the next 4 years would agree to it.

So the Supreme Court could take care of it…..well, I suppose, but they will be short a member until Trump nominates someone that the Senate will agree to confirm.   Of course, we could have a full Supreme court by this summer, but Senate Republicans have determined that it is OK for the court to go a year short of a tie breaking vote.  If Trump did manage to nominate and have confirmed a new member of the court in place before he starts a war with Mexico, would that jurist have to recuse themselves?

3 Dysfunctional branches of government…..A table with no legs still makes for a good stepping stone.

In the end, I am really tired of fear pushing, so I just cannot do it wholeheartedly.  This is a strong country with some pretty good people in it.  Candidates that declare this country is in complete ruin because of any one person or policy should be cut out of any future debates.


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9 thoughts on “USA post election fear prediction: A table with no legs

  1. I’ve been following all this on CNN on UK satellite in Spain. At the end of the day all governments are businesses in this system. The USA should have been bankrupt years ago. Borrowing and printing money just to keep going is a bubble waiting to burst. Politicians are basically self glorifying and power mad. So will Trump win ? Probably. Unless Obama keeps power by a huge war looming on the horizon. So politicians, don’t mess with Katie as she’s got Lil’ Red and gator slippers ! 😀 ❤

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