Rose Theory of a Health Journey

I have had a hard time finding a way to explain why I am even on a search for better health.  I needed to be able to explain it to myself.  I was not as concerned about what others thought.  It never really occurred to me to try to explain it outside my own ego.

When fighting Lyme and company, there has always seemed to be something just not right.  We are missing a puzzle piece somewhere.  Various infections, hormones, nutrition….it always seems much more difficult and complicated than it should be.

I believe that I have found a way to explain it to myself.  The theory will not fix anything but thought I should share it in case anyone else could use it.

The Rose Theory

I first moved into my house over 10 years ago.  As a new home owner I was excited to fix up things and put to use all of those hours spent watching home improvement shows.  One thing that I really wanted was a beautiful rose bush.  It was a peace rose.  I tended to it as Google said I should.  I watered it often but careful not to over water it.  I sought advice on what fertilizer to use and when to apply it.  I made sure it received all the nutrients it needed.  I trimmed it as directed.  I was very attentive to its every need.  If I was doing everything just right, there were a few beautiful blooms as a reward.

As the years went on I became less and less attentive and the plant produced less and less blooms.  I eventually just ignored it.  If I happened to walk past, I would check it out and maybe trim a wild offshoot.  During this time of neglect, there might be 1-2 blooms a year.

Late winter this year, a tree needed to be taken down.  It was not that big of a tree.  An adolescent oak 20-30 feet away from the ignored rose bush. 


As spring warmed the longer days, this rose bush began a new life.  There were more flowers and new stems than in any previous year.  That includes the years that I was so very attentive.  Previously unnoticed, this peace rose bore a new rose plant.  There was a whole new plant that resembles a knock out rose presenting a dozen buds ready to bloom.  (I am guessing some sort of hybrid, cross pollination thing.)  

This rose needed more sunlight.  It was not obvious that is was deprived of light as it appeared to get full sun most of the day.  It continues to bloom and I have not fertilized it or watered it anymore than what the grass may get.  I do occasionally trim it but just to harvest a beautiful flower for my desk.

May we all find that missing peace.



5 thoughts on “Rose Theory of a Health Journey

      • I can just picture it. Your new tagline under your site title “Real Woman’s Health” now reads “I’ll bring my chain saw !” instead of “The journey to Wellness”. Has a kind of buzz to it. 😉 ❤ lol

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