Apologies to the man who didn’t steal my trimmer


A few weeks back I took a nap.  I was in my car.  The car was in my open garage.

I woke to a noise but did not look.  I was comfortable. The car was locked.  I wasn’t moving.

There was news of a bear prowling around the neighborhood.  The bear had made the noise.

The next week I could not find my hedge trimmers.   There were multiple reports of stealing out of unlocked cars.  There were reports of items disappearing from porches.

My policy for lost items is that they will come back to me eventually.  The lost item suddenly appears.  It may take an hour. It may take a month.

Three weeks later I could not find my trimmer.  My plants are overgrown.  Maybe the neighborhood thief took the trimmer.

I spent a week thinking ‘the guy’ took the trimmer.  The noise was from him.  It was not from the bear.

Guess what I just found.


8 thoughts on “Apologies to the man who didn’t steal my trimmer

  1. Now that is really spooky Katie. You are the only one I know who sleeps in a locked car in the garage. Front seat or back seat or even the trunk ? I’m going for the trunk. 😀
    I am so pleased that you found your trimmer. Did it have bite marks in the handle ?
    Happy Sunday my friend. Ralph xox ❤

    • I did pull a thorn out, maybe it was a claw nail. It’s all part of official nap science. Car naps are easy access and usually last 15-30 minutes. Couch naps can go 15-90 minutes. They are unpredictable. Napping in bed is a full commitment and very unpredictable. 50/50 on whether you actually fall asleep because the brain knows it is not bed time. It can last 20 min to 8 hours. 😀

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