The Last of the Vacation Story

Just a couple of additional thoughts on my trip.

There was a nice porch area attached to the cabin.  Part of it has a screen and part did not.  Much of my time was spent porch sitt’n.

Of course, I did leave the porch.  Found this guy going to his scratching post in the middle of the day.






Saved by a Stranger at a Bar

I traded cars with a friend so that I could travel to a cabin that is at the end of an un-maintained forestry road.  I made it to the cabin without issue. It was a beautiful drive.


As I unpacked the car, I realized that I had forgotten one of my bags.  It had any medicines and supplements that I might need during the trip. What I was really upset about was the coffee and chocolate that was missing.  I decided that I needed to make a run to a local shop and headed out.  About a mile from the cabin, I ran into this hole:


Holey Mud


Depth marker



Depth marker with camera lens for perspective

I tried a few things to break free but it became clear that I was truly stuck.  When I got out of the car, I realized that the left back wheel was off of the ground.

I first called AAA.  They told me that they do not travel dirt roads and they had no suggestions for me.  I have been a member for decades and they have always been really good about helping me out of whatever jam that I have been in, however, I guess this was too big of an ask.

I called the very nice lady who had shown me around the cabin and checked me in.  She lived nearby and came over to help.  Mrs. D had a small, older truck and it was not able to pull the car free.

She suggested that we call a local bar in the small town.  Sure enough, the bartender called out to the patrons for help, and a young man agreed to come to my aid.

The right front wheel seemed to be sinking as we waited and the left rear tire was rising.  Nope, I wasn’t freaking out at all.

Mr. T showed up and knew just what to do and executed his plan flawlessly.

The car was free! And…I did not have to call the car’s owner and tell them that I rolled the car in a mud hole.  The coffee and chocolate made me feel better.  Hehehe

Vacation Slide show! With a side of Bug Bite Prevention.

Spent some time at a cabin surrounded by the Ocala National Forest. Ahhhhh.

Bug bite prevention ideas below.

Click a photo to start a show.




I spent a lot of time outside during the day and at night.  I have 3 mosquito bites and no found ticks.  The bites may have come from the first day I was there when the car was stuck in a mud hole and I was caught out without any protection.  That’s a story for the next post.

First, spray shirts, shorts, hats, socks, and shoes, to be worn in the woods with Permethrin. Take clothes outside and spray.  Let dry prior to packing.

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Second, ideas for while you are out:

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If you get bit:


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