Trial Hike

I revisited a trail that I previously posted some pictures of in 2012.

After so many years, burns, trail maintenance, and hurricanes, parts of it were completely new to me. This was my first long hike after being diagnosed with Lyme Disease.  I totally overdid it but it was still nice.  May is Lyme Disease awareness month and I just wanted to shout out to everyone near the trail head just taking a leisurely walk in the woods in their swimsuits and sandals.  I am sure they thought I was headed out for some long primitive camping the way I was decked out and sprayed down. Oh, well.

Some of the animals seemed to stop and pose for me, it was really odd but I played along. The cardinal sat there like he wanted a full photo shoot so he got one.

It was certainly longer than I remembered. My legs are already sore :).



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11 thoughts on “Trial Hike

  1. I remember your old post Katie and I am pleased that you are getting out and about again. Love the photo of the hare. Quite a find ! It’s nice to see a post from you after so long my friend. Big hug. Ralph ❤

    • Thanks! How’s the married life treating you?! 😃
      The hare wanted that picture. He ran across the path 3feet in front of me and stopped in those scrubs and turned to pose for a full minute

      • Let’s say that I am really happy to have made the marriage commitment. All good !
        Awesome ! What a diva that hare was ! A real poser ! 🐇🙂

  2. I bet it was good to get out again! I hope your Lyme disease is stabilized. Do they have better treatments for it these days? We have a lot of ticks, most are dog ticks but also deer ticks. I’ve had several attachments but so far have been lucky. When you’re an outdoor person, they are hard to avoid in my area. Wish they would come out with a vaccine.

    • It was really nice…maybe not the last mile😆. The testing and treatment is still a long way from ideal. Your vigilance in looking for and handling the bites is a great example for those who have not heard the warnings yet.
      I actually went back on an herbal mix for Lyme about a week ago. It had me feeling good enough to try the hike 🙂. 8)

  3. Bravo to you for getting back out there, and being cautious. I have yet to ever step out into nature beyond my own yard, and even that I do so hesitantly. I am just so scared. The biggest thing Lyme left me with was this paralysis to enjoy nature. You give me hope that one day I can overcome it

    • Thanks! In addition to spraying down, I have things I found on the Internet that are treated and you can put them around your arms and legs. Not too pretty but I feel like I’m wearing tick armor. 🤗. I’m less guarded on the water so maybe kayaking or paddle boarding would be a way to reconnect?? You’ll find your path when it’s right.

  4. Katie… It is nice to find your post in my email today. While I’m not very active right now for various reasons I do try to keep my eyes open …especially for those I haven’t seen too much of … I hope for the most part you are improving and stronger…
    That squirrel and the cardinal both seemed to like the attention ! Diane

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