Weekend Dress Rehearsal

Paddleboard on car roof

– When all else fails, buy a lotto ticket and go home –

I had a plan.

I am not sure why, but for the past month or so I have had a lot more energy and a lot less brain fog.  I have been gradually increasing activity to try to avoid any sort of crash.  Last weekend, the box with the crossbars for my car was finally opened and they were installed.  Last night, the SUP carrier was attached.  I decided to wait until the morning to inflate the board.  The board was purchased last year because it was lighter than my previous board and because it was bigger and so easier to balance on – allowing for a less strenuous ride.  Before the end of the night, I had found my waterproof camera and started charging the battery. All systems go for morning launch.

This morning I woke feeling a little off but still good. I got a cup of coffee and started to inflate the board.  The point of inflating it at home instead of at the lake was because the loud motor seems so disruptive when the water is still glass and the boats are still on shore.  Apparently, it also seems disruptive at 8am in my neighborhood.  I brought the board into the garage and closed the door, hoping to muffle the sound at least a little.  Eventually, I caught on that I had hooked the air compressor up wrong and was not getting any air into the board.  That fixed, the hose then popped loose halfway through and the board lost a good bit of the air.  So, started again but this time holding it on to make sure it stayed attached.  

The board was loaded but I was dripping with sweat (it gets hot/humid early) and my legs felt shot.  The last few SUP outings I tried prior to being diagnosed with Lyme, taught me that  pushing through the feeling I was having would pretty much lead to a short and disappointing outing.  

Trying to roll with it, I decided that if my legs were going to be wobbly today, I would try out the kayak seat attachment.  I took it out of the bag to make sure I knew how to use it and made adjustments to my paddle.  I also decided to pick a closer lake and then went inside for some cold water and a rest break.

Time to roll out.  I headed down the road and was a good bit away from the house when I realized that I forgot my fanny pack life vest (picture with link).  No problem I thought, I have my leash and a regular vest in the car so I will be legal.  I started planning out how to adjust the leash from the regular attachment to a kayak conversion position.  My brain then fired off a Red Alert.  I forgot the center fin.  The detachable fin was still sitting on top of the garbage can.  I hit the next turn lane and headed back to the house.  I pulled into a gas station to take a minute to plan and, well, to get gas.  

I swiped my card.  It did not work.  Tried again, nope.  “Go see cashier.” So I did.  I gave him an amount and the card worked.  Back at the pump, something went sideways because, “See cashier.”  He reset it and I was finally able to pump the gas.  As I was standing there, I could feel my legs were done with this adventure.

I went back in to ‘see cashier’ one more time and bought a lottery ticket from the nice man.

Sitting here post shower and typing away.  I am thinking a nap first, then maybe a a new painting for a new shirt to celebrate the World Cup. Here is the SUP shirt:

Sup Fun!! Orange T-Shirt Back

15 thoughts on “Weekend Dress Rehearsal

  1. Already a much longer list than I will accomplish today! Mine reads “slept till noon. Turned on heating pad.” And will probably contain repeats of “ate. Drank water. Turned on heating pad.” And maybe napped. All day. 😕 Sounds like you took several steps towards a more successful adventure next time!

    • Yes, hopefully the next time things will fall in place. I hope your rest will have you feeling rested. I’ve had many of those couch weekends. 😐. I’m hoping for just a 25% couch day. 🤞

  2. Ugh, all that effort, and you couldn’t even get the reward. Not fair. But maybe you’ll indeed win the lottery, and you’ll be forever (and richly!) grateful for the morning of setbacks.

  3. What you need is a pilot’s checklist Katie. Such as >>>

    Create checklist ✅
    Put checklist in safe place ✅
    Can’t find checklist ✅
    Look under pillow ✅
    Look behind toilet bowl ✅
    Panic ✅
    Ask family members to help ✅
    Find checklist on SUP board ✅
    Too late to go out ✅
    Repeat the following day ✅

    That should work. Glad I could help my friend 🙂 ❤

  4. Clearly, this just wasn’t your day. Good went home. Probably would have fallen off and really have a bad day

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