Bridge to Heaven

I have been playing with some photos from a recent trip to St. George Island off Florida’s panhandle.

May I present to you, the bridges to heaven and hell…


Her Now heavens bridge-publish



Her Now Hells bridge


PSA: Please be very careful about the time of year and where you are when using any white lights near the beach.  Baby turtles can get confused by artificial lights and lose their way.

12 thoughts on “Bridge to Heaven

  1. You take beautiful pictures. I’m good at landscape photography. The big picture. But, you know, my pictures pretty much take themselves. It’s hard to screw up a sunset picture or a grand, sweeping vista of mountains. I’m still working on developing an eye for the smaller things, and the art that is harder to find.

    • Thank you! IDK, maybe give yourself a little more credit. Framing landscape shots is challenging to me. I messed up a lot of them this week. That’s how I ended up with top sunset photo of the week coming from a parking lot with a phone….I guess timing plays a part. And, shhh…it was partly cloudy when I took the bridge shot, so layered in another photo to cover a cloud. 🤫☺️

      • I will not tell anybody! For me sunsets typically involve taking a lot of pictures over the course of an hour or two. Or none at all because there aren’t any clouds or too many. 😉

        • Yep. I always figured that if I take enough photos, a couple may be “money shots”. Now that it’s digital, it’s a lot less expensive of an approach

          • When my kids first started playing sports, I liked to take pictures of them. Trying to get some good action shots. This was back about 15 years ago and I had an SLR. Rolls of film and I was lucky if there were more than a couple of decent pictures. Then digital cameras came out and I got a few of the cheap ones. Things changed when I got a digital SLR. Every soccer game they played resulted in hundreds of pictures of them and their teammates that I could share with the other parents.

            And, now, the same thing happens when I go out into the world and take my nature shots. A lot of what I take turns out to be nothing, and I’m starting to recognize that when I am looking for pictures to take. But then there are times when … like I said, the picture just takes itself.

            My favorite picture-taking experience was almost a year ago when we sent to San Simeon — along the California coast near the Hearst Castle. After we checked into our hotel, we walked out on the beach behind the hotel and found such a magical place for pictures as the sun went down. For two hours, I take picture. There are dozens of pictures from that time that blow my mind. Those are the moments I look for.

          • Perfect place at the perfect time! Maui was that place for me. My blog and Twitter headers are both from there. Though, I probably had 300 pics from that trip. 50/50 film/digital.

          • Exactly. So many of the pictures from when I had to get prints were … just a split second too slow or too soon. Having the digital SLR gave me the freedom to learn the timing better.

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