A New Website

Sticking this post to the top to make sure that if your reached this page looking for my art blog that you can find it easily:  https://activeartdesigns.com/


Happy Friday!

I wanted to write a quick update post.  There are a lot of moving pieces at the moment.  I just hope they can click together to form a pretty picture someday.

On the invention front:  

I will be crashing a convention show this weekend to fish for a company that may benefit from my art related invention.  I had been trying to use a local manufacturer to make it but they have been dragging their feet for 2 months.  I have asked a Mexico/CA plant for a quote.  But….hopefully, I can find someone at the convention with more resources to take over the heavy lifting.

The medical invention should be patent pending next week. Fingers crossed.  Having learned from the other experience, I will likely start with larger durable medical equipment companies and work my way back to a local company.

On the art front:

NEW BLOG!!!  I wanted a one stop shop sort of thing.  One link that I can give people that has all the info.  If you have time or interest feel free to poke around and tell me if anything looks off.  Active Art 

I am still experimenting and practicing different techniques and having fun along the way.


I started applying to jobs and had some interviews this week.  Two were phone interviews that were promised to lead to a face to face.  One of those has (so far) and I will likely start up with them as a “prn/as needed” employee.

Hope everyone’s tomorrow is even better than today. 🙂


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