Job Interviews, Offers, and Social Media

video job interview set up

This week I was contacted by the company that I interviewed with first and offered a position.  It is prn (as needed/on call) and should develop into part/full time as things grow and progress.  It sounds like it is really going to be a great fit!

That interview was back in late September.  I have had a few other interviews in the interim.  A couple were traditional, dress up, sit across from a desk kind of interviews.  Of those, one position was closed, without filling, and the other was last week and have not heard back.  There have been a few phone interviews.  They were the step before the in person interviews and also served to screen out a couple of jobs that I would not be comfortable taking.

One company operates in a way that not only turns me off from working there but I believe their practices have damaged the profession as a whole.  After I told the recruiter that :), he said they have changed and promised a call the next week. <crickets> I was not phone sitting that one.  The other position involved a two year non-compete and 90 day advance notice prior to quitting. I am not sure if any of it was enforceable, but it was not a sloppy document. So, I bailed.

There were two screening elements for interviews that surprised me. One was a typing test.  I did not do very well on it, but I imagine if I never blogged that I would have done much worse.  Medical record typing is very chopped up into sections and so it is rare to actually write an entire paragraph where normal punctuation and spelled out words are present. The screening interview that tripped me out the most was a video interview.  A written question would appear and then I recorded a webcam video response.  I could re-shoot one time and there was a time limit.  The time limit did not seem to be an issue because the questions were very specific and close ended.  I could have used the audio and video from my computer.  But, thanks to YouTube and Twitch, I already had equipment to make higher quality audio and video.  It took longer to set up the video shoot than it took to do the interview.  I was expecting a longer list of questions.  Just as I was getting used to the process, it was over. I have not heard back from that company.  I was pretty sure that I did not have the right letters after my name, but the job description was a fit.  At least I now know that I can do video conferences from my home.

Have you had any odd interview experiences?




4 thoughts on “Job Interviews, Offers, and Social Media

  1. It’s all just so bizarre. The company that wanted a two year non-compete and 90 day notice if you decide to leave — were they willing to give you a two year contract, including 90 day notice if they wanted to let you go?

  2. When I first started looking for jobs in Tallahassee, back in the early 90s (1990s, not 1890s), I was asked, at various times: (1) How many children do you have? (2) What church do you go to? Being a transplant from the north via California, I was angry about these questions although I didn’t let my interviewer know. They were so sincere in their questioning that I knew trying to educate them on their inappropriateness would be wasted effort on my part. I was always honest with my replies: no kids, no church. Once I had to videotape myself responding to canned questions for an adjunct position. What I liked about that is I could review the video before submitting.
    Me thinks your videotaping skills and equipment could lead you into some self-employment ventures … You are a bit of a Renaissance woman 🙂

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