Hello 2021

Wanted to drop by and post an update. I have been spending more time over at the other website, active art, but want to keep this one going with occasional updates, as a journal if nothing else. If you have made it back after all this time and still have this on your list, Hi!! Thank you!

This past year I have still not returned to full time work in health care. There are several reasons for that…it’s complicated. I am working part time (prn) for one company and I have seen a few COVID patients. Two things stand out about those visits. One, it is weird changing in and out of PPE stored in the trunk of my car while the wind blows and neighbors watch. Second, there are a lot of lives that have been changed and that does not really get enough air time in my opinion. Not all, but most of the people that I have seen will have issues from their COVID battle for months, years, and likely the rest of their lives. A couple of the people had to move, in order to have more assistance.

I am an introvert with “essential” jobs and chronic fatigue. The only way my activities have really changed is that I do not think about visiting family or friends. I have done the back yard social distance and mask visits a few times, but not much else. Have your activities changed a great deal? Plans cancelled?

My invention, the Chair CaneTM, is for sale on Amazon. It has been an up and down journey; always interesting. If you are curious about the invention and manufacturing stuff, click here. There are a few growth opportunities coming up in the new year, so who knows where it will go.

I have been driving for GoPuff for awhile. My location is still young and is not always busy. I have used the extra time to work on medical charts and have written a couple of children’s books. Only one is published on KDP (with a recent edit uploaded). I am currently working with the illustrator to finish up art for the second book. I will need to edit some of the illustrations and text, but it should be good to go pretty soon. It has been a fun side project to work on.

Short answer session: I wear a mask, I will get the vaccine, I have had my hair professionally done 1x since the first lockdown, I always keep a stock of paper goods so I did not need to buy TP for months, I still paint but not as often, I early voted, I stopped wearing what little make-up I wear a few weeks into masking, I did not adopt a pet, I deleted my IG account but still have other SM. How about you?


11 thoughts on “Hello 2021

  1. Your comment about the effects of COVID … this is something that doesn’t get enough attention. People focus on # of cases and # of deaths, with very little discussion of those who survived, but with long-term side effects. I kind of get that, the first two are easy to quantify, the long-term side effects though are more difficult. But still, it’s a real thing with the virus. How many thousands of people will have those effects for months and years afterwards?

    Some day, I’d like to have an off-line conversation with you about your experience with GoPuff. One of my kids drove for Postmates for a little bit, and he talks about doing it again. He recently gave Instacart a try, but I’m not sure how much of it he has done. I just don’t see how a person can make anything more than minimum wage at these gig jobs, and in some ways, it may not even be minimum wage. I wonder what the secrets are to making more.

    • It is hard to quantify because there are so many variables. Elite athlete with some lung damage, MS patient with more fatigue, early dementia now advanced, kidney damage causing build up toxins, constant severe headaches, painful neuropathy…everyone is different. I’m not so secretly hoping that with this many new people having fatigue, that researchers and pharmaceutical companies will be incentivized to find out why and that doctors won’t stop looking for causes after a thyroid test.

  2. Good to see you here, and thanks for sharing your observations about surviving COVID. Every so often I see news stories about the long-term effects, but they probably won’t get any real political attention until the case and death rate go way down. I don’t think if the media paid more attention, told more of these stories, that it would make a difference with some people. It’s a weird kind of fatalism out there. I don’t understand it. Even if COVID weren’t any worse than the flu, why would I want myself or anyone I care about to suffer from the flu? The flu can be deadly for goodness sake.
    I still have all my SM accounts but I’m just not around as much because of my job … which I look forward to exiting in a couple of months. You know, I’m pretty sure I subscribed to your other blog but haven’t seen any posts show up in my WP Reader feed. I’ll take care of that right now … 🙂

  3. Nice touching base with you…. been awhile. I havn’t been too active blogging either lately. I try once in awhile.. There’s been changes in our lives… My husband was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s…
    You’ve been a busy lady…. I hope your ‘Chair Cane’ is successful… Do you advertise it or anything online?
    The numbers of people affected by Covid are staggering, and for every one of those who get it severely or die from it, there are families that are grieving a loss or an illness that is debilitating.. They are not just ‘numbers of cases and deaths reported’…. ‘they are people’!
    Anyway, ‘Hi’ and take care… Diane

    • Hi!! Good to hear from you, but so sorry about that diagnosis and all that come with it.
      For now, I am really only advertising and selling on Amazon.
      Hope you all are able to dodge COVID ok.
      Take care, be well 8)

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