Job Interviews, Offers, and Social Media

video job interview set up

This week I was contacted by the company that I interviewed with first and offered a position.  It is prn (as needed/on call) and should develop into part/full time as things grow and progress.  It sounds like it is really going to be a great fit!

That interview was back in late September.  I have had a few other interviews in the interim.  A couple were traditional, dress up, sit across from a desk kind of interviews.  Of those, one position was closed, without filling, and the other was last week and have not heard back.  There have been a few phone interviews.  They were the step before the in person interviews and also served to screen out a couple of jobs that I would not be comfortable taking.

One company operates in a way that not only turns me off from working there but I believe their practices have damaged the profession as a whole.  After I told the recruiter that :), he said they have changed and promised a call the next week. <crickets> I was not phone sitting that one.  The other position involved a two year non-compete and 90 day advance notice prior to quitting. I am not sure if any of it was enforceable, but it was not a sloppy document. So, I bailed.

There were two screening elements for interviews that surprised me. One was a typing test.  I did not do very well on it, but I imagine if I never blogged that I would have done much worse.  Medical record typing is very chopped up into sections and so it is rare to actually write an entire paragraph where normal punctuation and spelled out words are present. The screening interview that tripped me out the most was a video interview.  A written question would appear and then I recorded a webcam video response.  I could re-shoot one time and there was a time limit.  The time limit did not seem to be an issue because the questions were very specific and close ended.  I could have used the audio and video from my computer.  But, thanks to YouTube and Twitch, I already had equipment to make higher quality audio and video.  It took longer to set up the video shoot than it took to do the interview.  I was expecting a longer list of questions.  Just as I was getting used to the process, it was over. I have not heard back from that company.  I was pretty sure that I did not have the right letters after my name, but the job description was a fit.  At least I now know that I can do video conferences from my home.

Have you had any odd interview experiences?



Florida Wildlife Drive Pictures

Florida Common Moorhen

Florida Common Moorhen

Thrasher? Warbler?

Thrasher? Warbler?

Thrasher? Warbler?

Thrasher? Warbler?

Florida Great Egret

Florida Great Egret

HoW tO aCe A JoB iNterVieW

“Planning is key to acing a job interview.”

As soon as you know you have a job interview lined up, gather all paperwork that they may ask for at the interview.  Different jobs have different requirements but items you may wish to take to a job interview include: driver’s license, proof of car insurance, any professional state license you have.  Chances are that they have already seen your CV, but take one just in case.  Things get lost when a company is interviewing more than one person.  When you cannot find a paper you think you might need, rest assured that the medical insurance card, 2 birth certificates, copy of your termite bond contract, and the last bill from a cable company you have not used in a year may come in handy one day.

The second thing you should do in preparing for a job interview is to look up the address.  Plan your route.  Make sure to add time to the “Maps” estimate. You are likely not checking the route during the time of day that the interview is scheduled, so things can change.  Also, if there has been any recent/ongoing construction in the area, Google may be wrong.  Google lady is cool but can make mistakes.  Beware of season changes and the topographical specs of the region you will be driving through.  Fog, soupy thick fog in a construction area, may add time to the drive to your interview.

Third: make sure you know what you are wearing to the interview.  Do not leave things out, like, say, shoes.  While it is fun to run around the house playing hide and seek, checking every closet until you find the shoes next to the kitchen, it may make you late.

The night before your job interview:

Set your alarm early enough for you to get up and to do your usual morning routine with some extra time for lint brush and mirror checks.  No manager wants some bed-head, pillow creased grin coming through their door.  In fact, set 5 alarms.  Do not forget that you may have purchased a new phone since the last time you set your alarms and check the alarm tones so they do not all sound the same.  Sleeping through 60 minutes of alarms because you think they are all the first one is okay, but may make you late.


Oversleep by an hour.  Keep your cool.  You still have time for a quick cup of coffee.  Take your shower and get ready.  Do not worry about pulling your hair back.  The interview is in an office building, there will be a bathroom for you to pull your hair back.  You will not have a frizz bomb mop to carry in the office.

Get stuck behind a large truck running the left lane through the soupy fogged out construction area.  They keep you from being tempted to speed.

Be sure to hit 9/10 red lights on the one hour drive.  This is a must because it gives you time to think of answers to questions that they will not ask.

When arriving at the office building that your interview is in, be sure to not see any of the landmarks they described in the directions. Worry so much about Google lady calling out the wrong street name, that you circle around the block an additional time.

Be relieved that the only restroom you see is in the office suite that you are heading to because 5 minutes late is excusable (they know the directions are complicated and the fog is soupy) but 10 minutes late is just rude.

Answer all the questions in the interview, maybe ask a couple.  The absolute key to leaving a great impression is to forget something in the boss man’s office.  Once you make it back to your car, have a five minute debate with yourself about whether it would be worse to leave your glasses in their office or to go back and announce that you left them (you think….could have been dropped somewhere in between.)  At the very least, you have stood out enough for them to remember you.

Now go find a bathroom!

businesswomen businesswoman interview meeting

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A New Website

Sticking this post to the top to make sure that if your reached this page looking for my art blog that you can find it easily:


Happy Friday!

I wanted to write a quick update post.  There are a lot of moving pieces at the moment.  I just hope they can click together to form a pretty picture someday.

On the invention front:   Continue reading

Something Dry for a Hurricane Week

Did a little photo shoot during my getaway.  The place where I took the video and most of the pictures has likely been shut down for a couple of days until they are 100% about the hurricane and storm surge.  The beach was already much less busy than usual.  The only one I had seen driving on the beach was a lifeguard, so I about fell out when an ice cream truck drove past. (Daytona Beach has sections that allow people to drive and park on the beach.)

Blue Springs Florida Getaway

Blue Springs Florida Getaway

Blue Springs State Park in Florida is the “winter home to the manatee”.  During the summer months you can catch a manatee hanging out there, but during the winter, the spring run is filled up with manatees enjoying the consistent temperature of the spring water.

If you are thinking about visiting:

They have cabins and campgrounds available. There are 6 cabins surrounded by woods.  Each (as far as I know) has a front porch, 2 bedrooms, one bathroom, kitchen, dining table, family room, air conditioning, and a gas fireplace that is shut off in summer months.  Outside each is a grill, table, and fire pit. There is a camp store on property that has small items you may have forgotten/need and a sandwich shop.  Right next to the camp store is a souvenir shop and a place to rent tubes for the spring. The Blue Spring Park has picnic tables scattered in several areas and a large covered pavilion.  There is a wood/sidewalk boardwalk along the length of the spring run with look out areas scattered throughout. There are hand rails on the hill portions at a height that appears designed to assist wheelchair users.  There are 2 main areas with access to the swim area and are spaced so that you can put in at one spot and relax to let the current take you to the second access point if you wish.  I did not notice a way for a wheelchair to access the swim out areas but I also did not ask the park staff about options, so please contact the park to inquire if you are planning a visit. (link to park website)  Everyone I spoke at Blue Springs was really nice and more than helpful.

Blue Springs empties into the St. John’s River and there are kayak, canoe and boat tours available from inside the park.  I have been on a couple of boat tours (from outside tour companies) over the years, and it really is a wonderful way to see the area.  The tours last around 2 hours and your are almost 100% sure to see birds, turtles, gators, and plenty of various foliage.

I posted a camera about 20 feet outside a cabin and caught some good images.

During my visit, the swim area was closed for all but the last morning due to a gator hanging out in the safety zone.  I saw the trappers looking for him the first night I was there but they did not catch up to him until the second night.  A local resident, that has been swimming there every day for years, told the story of how an old time gator had killed a friend a couple years ago.  The gator had been around back when it was common for people to feed gators.  The theory was that after the victim, and a couple of others, swam past him and did not feed him, that the gator got mad and went after them.

I heard this story right after I had just enjoyed a quick dip in the spring.  I was the only one around when the rangers had opened the swim area and could not resist.  The current is a little more noticeable in this spring compared to others that I have been to, so I am sure the tubing is popular.

The sunrise photos were taken from the east coast of Florida that looks to have escaped a direct hit by the hurricane.  Blue Springs State Park was closing early the day I left due to Hurricane Dorian.

(Warning Spiders 🙂

Campaign, Election, & Voting Songs – Crowd source

Campaign, Election, & Voting Songs – Crowd source

Back in 2014 I posted some retirement songs and then asked for suggestions.

Today I ask of the blog-o-sphere a crowd source list of songs for election,campaign, and voting events.  What would be a good song to listen to on the way to vote?  If you have any political song suggestions (serious, funny, or ironic) please add them in comments!

Vote – Blazer Fresh

Born to Run -Bruce Springsteen

Only In America – Brooks & Dunn

We Shall be Free – Garth Brooks

Hall of Fame – The Script ft.

Roar – Katy Perry

The Voting song – Towler

American Idiot – Green Day

Won’t Get Fooled Again – The Who

America – West side Story

An Officer and a Gentleman Ending

God Bless the U.S.A. – Lee Greenwood

Star Spangled Banner – Whitney Houston

The Time of My Life – Dirty Dancing; Bill Medley, Jennifer Warnes

We Didn’t Start the Fire – Billy Joel

Uptown Funk (feat. Bruno Mars)

Teach Your Children – Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young

Don’t Stop Believing – Journey

Greatest Love of All – Whitney Houston

We Are One – Runaground

From Suggestions in Comments (Update):

Shadow Government – They Might Be Giants

Democracy – Leonard Cohen

Turbulence – Warren Zevon

Fergus Laing – Richard Thompson

The Werewolf – Paul Simon

The Battle Hymn of the Republic

Let’s Twist Again – Chubby Checker

Vote Blue Tie Dye &Amp; Distressed  Navy  T-Shirt Front
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Acrylic Pouring and Social Media

There is no update on all of the invention projects.  Everything seems to be in a holding pattern.  Apparently, the world doesn’t work on my timeline <sigh>.

I have been keeping myself busy with art, Instagram (@activeartpassions), and YouTube.

It is really amazing that people do these things so well while working full time.  The YouTube learning curve so far includes:

Taking video, audio mixing (voice on video, voice overs, music), video editing, adding in special shots to make it more interesting if possible, go to the website that makes special thumbnails so people will want to click on your video just by seeing the little picture, affiliate links for products in the video (currently using Michael’s, Zazzle, and Amazon).  I don’t expect people to be clicking all over these now, but I do not want to have to go back to videos later and add them if  one of the videos get popular.

The videos are of something I would be doing anyway….or, maybe, they push me to do what I want to be doing and not procrastinate myself out of it.

I shall continue my home study courses in art, video production, marketing, and product development.  My sabbatical leave focused on new areas of study.

Behind the scenes look:  I do NOT naturally talk as fast as I do in the videos.  I speed up most if not all of the videos.  I also slow/speed up the music sometimes.

New Project; Old Project

New Project:

Yesterday I posted a new YouTube video demonstrating a painting.

I shot the video outside and I am pretty sure everyone in the neighborhood mowed their yard that day.  Luckily, I was not planning on using much of the audio from the recording because I wear a mask for most spray painting.  This was a fun project to put together and I am hoping that I have the technical issues all worked out.  My plan is to post 1-2 videos a week.


Old Project:

I now have patent pending status on one of the products that I am developing.  I have started to approach companies and manufacturers.  I will fill in more when I can.

Do you have any projects in process?


Christmas In June

I spent most of last week working on a collection to enter a contest on Zazzle.

The idea is that the products could be ordered and kids can color them in to gift to someone else or as a part of their gift.  There are also sets of 25 tearaway paper place mats that could be used as a party activity.

If you have time, maybe give them a click.  They are still in the open submission time period, but maybe some traffic will up my chances. 
Thank you!!