10th Annual Cookie Weekend….with a twist

Cookie Collection

We embarked upon the 10th annual cookie bake off with the intention of dialing it back to limit our fatigue………

Well, we had a successful cookie weekend, but as for cutting back on the number of cookies, we were not as successful.  It was a fabulously fun and tiring weekend.  It has become one of those traditions that the bakers and the nibblers all look forward to!

Gluten and Dairy Free Cookie

I did experiment with a gluten and dairy free recipe that turned out pretty darn awesome.  It still may need some tweaking because it was a little dry.  Oh, but did it hit the spot!  I took my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe and substituted gluten free flour for the all purpose flour and coconut oil for the butter. The chocolate chips were soy, dairy, and gluten free.  I accidentally put an extra 1/4 teaspoon of salt (Himalayan) in the batter, but I think I liked it that way.  If I make it again, the salt will be dropped back to recipe levels, just to experiment.

Our pitiful and comical relief came from the pups.  One was still recovering from surgery and had to be put in a crate to keep him from going bonkers over the kitchen action.  Once he fell asleep, he was totally out of it.  His brother enjoyed poaching chew toys when the patient was sleeping or out on a bathroom break.  Quite the pair!

Sleeping Basset PuppySneaky Silky Puppy

10th Annual Cookie Bake Off

cookie ingredients

Warning: Nothing healthy on this page but the story of a good time and a great tradition.

One weekend a year, my mother and I spend the better part of 48 hours baking.  We make all sorts of confections.  Some recipes are old and have stood the test of time.  Some are new and experimental.

While we do strive to actually make good food that we can share at work and with our neighbors, I think the best part is spending the weekend goofing off together and completing a project.

It doesn’t hurt that occasionally a cookie will break.  We would not dream of handing out broken cookies so we hide the evidence.  Mmmmm.

Maybe next year we will start to incorporate healthier substitutes into our recipes.  For now we will just sit back, rest our legs, and enjoy the memories of another successful cookie weekend.


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