The Broken Circle

The ecosystem in my garage.

A few years ago I witnessed a spider eating a mosquito. As he finished the meal, a lizard stepped in and had his own. 

Yesterday I spared the life of a small spider and told him to eat lots of mosquitos.  

Today, I find this: 


I just got bit by a mosquito and the snake is still in the garage. I guess I should be happy the bear did not stay.  



My blogging friends, I need some advice.

My first intern starts Monday.  I barely remember my first day of internship, but I may be more worried about teaching.  How do teachers do this?!

It seems to be a tremendous responsibility.  Passing along knowledge to the next generation is a practice dating back to the beginning of time, a part of the circle of life.  Sharing our knowledge is advancing all of humanity.  Learn and grow-not just within ourselves, but also inter-generationally.  Okay, so maybe I am over thinking this a bit. Continue reading