Highlights on Living

Today’s six month highlight list includes posts for life management and general tips.

  1. Advanced Directives
  2. Don’t Take Things so Seriously
  3. Taking Care of Your Teeth
  4. GIGO
  5. Personal Mission Statements
  6. Scheduling Priorities with Covey Video
  7. Dating
  8. Crucial Conversations
  9. The Melting Pot of Ideas and People
  10. Tennis Ball Uses

Have I Seen You Here Before?

The day I stopped going to bars:

From allisimpson.com; click picture for post on pick up lines.

After doing the ‘pretend I’m looking for a friend’ walk, through three other establishments, I landed at a place determined to get a good drink, if not a flirtatious moment.  While sipping on my iced down vodka tonic, enjoying a warm breeze on the patio, a fellow approaches.  “Hey can I talk to you? Oh wait, I need another drink…just a second.”   After taking two steps towards the bar, he turns on his heel…maybe he will ask about my drink.   “I have to go to the bathroom and then get my drink.” He slurs:  “Don’t go anywhere, will ya?”  Of course I did not leave, until he was out of site and I had downed the last swallow of my drink.

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