My Trip Home and….

…my twist on the weekly photo challenge: Merge.  (Nothing official, just Photoshop fun.)

A couple of months ago, the universe told me not to go to the mountains.  Nothing was in sync until I made a reservation to fly up to see family.  As the sun rose last Friday morn, I headed out for a weekend of good food and family bonding.  It was a fabulous trip!  I was able to see cousins, aunts, uncles and the star: grandma.

On the flight home, I began to drift off.  Is there something on the wing?  I do NOT want to be in the Twilight Zone.  It’s Fred!  He must have followed me on the trip.

Just then, I get jarred awake.

The pilot is on the PA system:  “(static) Um, well folks, it looks like we are done with the roller coaster for awhile.  They are routing us west to avoid the storm.  We will have about 15 minutes with the seat belt sign off.  If you should need to use the facilities, this would be a good time.  We will land about 20 minutes later than my previous estimate.”

It is at times like these that we all ask ourselves certain questions:

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Chomper Care

I used to have dreams that my teeth were crumbling apart and falling out of my mouth.  This is, apparently, a common dream that many believe is symbolic on insecurities and stress.  I was a teenager so, well, enough said.  However, the dream may have had more to do with the clenching and grinding that was forming fracture lines in my teeth.  I have been clenching and grinding since I had 2 teeth to rub together.  The night guard I have is helping but still needs some adjusting.  [Most of the best night guards are custom made by dentists or TMJ specialists.  A mold is taken of your teeth and a lab makes the guard to your doctor’s specifications.  They tend to be thin and smooth on the outside.  The cost can range greatly.  I have seen between $350-$2500.  The more specialized the practitioner and the more severe the cause, usually the more expensive it gets.  I am trying to get away with a lower cost one.]

If teeth and gums are are sick, so the body may be as well.  Bacteria can enter the blood stream through damaged gums.  Some research suggests that the inflammation seen with gum disease may be linked to systemic inflammatory conditions such as:  diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, and heart disease.  They are still trying to identify exactly if and how they may be related.  Patients that have had joint replacements are often advised to take antibiotics in preparation for dental work to avoid an infection that could result in another joint surgery.  I met one person who had an infection in their teeth that spread into their brain and tho the infection is long gone, she has chronic pain the length of her spine.  Not having good chompers can Continue reading