Reunited with My Juicer

It was only two and a half days, however, I am so happy to be home with my juicer.  I  feel kind of silly.  I have not been juicing for that long, but I really missed my fresh, organic veg and the juicer.  I really tried to eat well while I was away.  Not having a refrigerator was very limiting.  The local store had some organic juices but they required refrigeration.  I survived on nuts, dried fruit, apples, peanut butter, protein bars and an instant rice noodle bowl.  A bagel and packaged juice made it into yesterday’s fair.  I never really wanted to go out to eat because most of the local restaurants were either expensive or specialized in bar food.  I think I’m becoming a food snob.

My Best Juice Yet!

The juice I made this morning was, by far, the best I have made.  It starts smooth and sweet with a light pear flavor and finishes with just a suggestion of heat.  (I think I watch too many reality cooking shows, hehe).

The Mix:  2 colors of Kale; one scallion, parsley, yellow carrots, broccoli, a touch of cauliflower, 1/2 a hot pepper, one each of pear, orange, apple and tomato.

The picture shows everything I used.

Introduction Letter

a new blog about health tips for womenHi!

Welcome to my little blog.  I am an allied health care worker working to improve my life.  Over the years I have met some great people through this blog and look forward to continuing the journey.  In additional to health related topics, I blog about art, photography, hiking, and whatever is worth a share.  Thank you for visiting!



Laura “Katie”

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