I have a new toy!  It took me a month to get it out of the box and play with it but I think its a winner for occasional useFrozen bananas and strawberries.

Whenever I had spotted bananas that I would not get to in time, I peeled and threw them in the freezer.  I also cleaned, prepped, and stored some strawberries when there was a BOGO free deal at the store.


I let them defrost for 15 minutes…well closer to 30 after  talking with a Fruit mashneighbor.

You put the fruit in the chute and out comes some soft serve ice-cream type food.


Where's the hot fudge??

Where’s the hot fudge??


Christmas Colors and Irony


I added beets to my usual volcano rice/chicken/coconut milk with greens. For the rest of the week, I shall have cheery red and green lunches. 8)

Now, as I sink into the couch recovering from kitchen chaos, I am amused by the mix of commercials.

– candy, pharmacy, candy, heart burn drug, fast food, shoe inserts-

Is that like the dentist giving out lollipops?

Katie’s Kitchen: Dip, Soup and a Puppy

Meet Flash

Meet Flash

Last last time I experimented with  a new soup, I was invited to go with friends to pick up a new puppy.  Well, lightening does strike twice.  The puppy picture may be cute enough to help the soup picture.  It looks gross but tastes really nice.  I will be adding garlic next time.

The soup experiment:

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Katie’s Kitchen’s Almost Pesto Chicken

Looking for a new spin on my baked chicken, I took inspiration from the food channel and made an almost pesto crusted chicken.

Almost Pesto Chicken

To make:

Combine in blender 2 large kale leaves, 3 cloves of garlic, a generous squeeze of lime, and just enough water to help the blender break it down (~1/4 cup).

Salt and pepper the chicken before topping with the almost pesto.

Bake at your preferred temperature and time for chicken.

It does taste better than the afterthought of a photo makes it look.  Enjoy!