The View From My Phone

My phone seems to track my life.  Today I share the view from my phone.  This is just a random sampling.

The Floor of Your Core

I do some exercises in the hope that I am never told that I have to do them.  Pelvic floor exercises are at the top of that list.  If you think of your core as a box, the diaphragm is the top, the abdominal and back muscles are the sides and the pelvic floor is the bottom.  If the bottom of the box is weak, it does not matter how strong the sides are, the box cannot hold much.  Having strong pelvic floor muscles is important for men and women.  It can help prevent leaks when you laugh, cough or sneeze.  It can prevent falls.  Imagine how many people across the world will wake up tonight with the urgent need to get to the restroom.  Blurry eyed, stiff and half asleep, they rush through a dark room.  Having a strong pelvic floor can also make time with your mate a little more enjoyable.

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Advance Directives

I was listening to talk radio on my drive home and heard a story that inspired me to write about one of the most important decisions that everyone can make for themselves and their families.

Advanced health care directives

But I’m not dying!  Many people think it is too early to do this until it is too late.  In the story tonight, they stated that only 30% of Americans have advanced directives.  Not having a living will or a health care power of attorney, will put your family in the position of making difficult decisions in a difficult time with no real guidance from you.  They may also be decisions that you would disagree with if you were able.

Do you already have these? Do you think you it is necessary?

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