Pasta Makes Me High

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After attending a lunch meeting, I return to the office to finish out the day.  My co-workers are both amused and bewildered by my-over-the-top energy that afternoon.  I had succombed to the temptation presented by wafts of garlic and basil at the lunch.  A small bit of pasta with some chicken made it on to my salad plate.  Was I high because I usually eat a smaller lunch?  Because the meeting went well?  I once, jokingly, was banned from eating carrot cake at one of the offices I worked.  After an office birthday party, I spent the afternoon bouncing off of the walls.  I do not always respond like that to carbs.  Sometimes nothing happens.  Sometimes I crash after.  One evening, I was having trouble sleeping and thought to experiment on myself.  I went to the corner store and purchased one of those over processed, sugar infused fat, coated with icing, honey buns.  It worked perfectly.   I was asleep 15 minutes later.

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