Keeping Memories

I wonder how many millions of photos were taken this past year?

I have a 10 year old desk top computer that is slowing everyday.  I know that I may have to say goodbye to it soon, so I began to transfer files to a flash drive.  There were a couple of documents that I transferred, but by in large, photos were items that I wished to save.  Most of them are from film or my first digital point and shoot.  Some of the photos represent vacation memories but others are of family, friends, and pets.

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Stuffapalooza 2012

The not so annual event resulted in 3 giant trash bags and sore hamstrings.  Three bags is actually a light load.  My last ‘get rid of stuff and organize’ marathon extended over 3 weekends and resulted in 15 bags for donation or trash.

What I found in stuffapalooza 2012:

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