Stuffapalooza 2012

The not so annual event resulted in 3 giant trash bags and sore hamstrings.  Three bags is actually a light load.  My last ‘get rid of stuff and organize’ marathon extended over 3 weekends and resulted in 15 bags for donation or trash.

What I found in stuffapalooza 2012:

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What’s in a List?

I crossed paths with this list on the way out from the grocery store.  I wondered, did someone lose it on the way in or on the way out?  Did he/she remember everything on the list?  If not, did they go back for the item or do without?  Lists are a great way to organize your thoughts and activities.  Perhaps, many of them turn into brainstorming diaries that need to be edited for accuracy and relevance.  I found yet another washing machine crumpled wad of paper in my pants’ pocket yesterday.  Had I written a vital piece of information on it?  Was it someone I planned to call? …something I needed to get at the store?  I will never know, and have chosen not to care.  If the universe needs me to address something, it will come back to my attention.  So, sorry if I promised to call you.