A Letter – March 19, 1940

*translation of a letter sent to family members that had immigrated to the USA


March 19, 1940

Dear Uncles and Cousins,

We had hardly discovered your exact address and started a regular correspondence when our situation changed so totally that it is impossible to tell you about in a short letter.

We (my father and I) now live in Warschau, the capital of former Poland, where we are staying with a family.  My mother has stayed back in Lodz where she lives together with her family.  She will join us in Warschau whenever it becomes possible.

Overall, we are getting along alright, although our separation from mother is painful.  Our previous jobs have been taken from us and we are getting used to our situation.

We want to remain in regular contact with you, so send us letters to our new address as often as possible.  For the time being, we do not need money. If possible, send food packages by mail.

I send you the warmest greetings.  We are waiting for your answering letter.



Warsaw 1940 search: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_Poland_(1939%E2%80%931945)

Lodz 1940 search: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/%C5%81%C3%B3d%C5%BA_Ghetto