New Artist

So I know a person who knows a person…Anyway, I almost know these nice young artists and thought I would show some support and share their music.  I hope you enjoy.

RicanChica Ft. Mimi Mala – Loyal (remix) Promo

Stohlquist 2mm Sandal Socks with Fleece Lining

Stohlquist 2mm Sandal Socks with Fleece Lining

So I am a little obsessed with my feet and their comfort.  I already tried some water shoes to keep my feet warm while on the water.  They did well and added some arch support but they were a little bulky for a barefoot sport and held water in the shoe.

So, I tried some neoprene with fleece lining socks.  They felt like I was wearing socks and the traction on the board was good. They are not as warm as a water shoe but they provide a better feel for the board.