Leanne at Mindfulness4now was kind enough to nominate this site and Fred for the Lovely Blog Award.  Fred and I were very excited.  It is his first nomination!  The blog has already excepted this once before and Fred has been out celebrating all week, so I will not make a formal acceptance.

Jenni at newsofthetimes was kind enough to nominate me for the Booker Award.

The rules:

1. Nominate other blogs, as many as you want but 5-10 is always a good suggestion. Don’t forget to let your recipients know.

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3. Share your top 5 books of all time

Books and the stories they contain, are like dreams to me.  I enjoy the dream but after I wake, I can only remember flashes and a general sense of what I was feeling during the dream.

The books that stand out from my childhood are: A Wrinkle in Time and the Chronicles of Narnia.  Stephen King’s Bag of Bones is in my top 5 because of the experience.  I was driving across the country and listening to the audio book.  It was when I learned to love audio books.  When I arrived at my destination,my thoughts were in his voice.  As I walked down the long, dark halls of the dormitory from a bygone era, an internal dialog was describing the layers of lead paint.  Green paint shown where layers of the more recent pink paint peeled away.  The Complete Works of Shakespeare stand on my shelf as a reminder of a college course that I thought was a drama class that ended up to be a senior English class.  We compared the original works to movies made of the famous plays.  My last book is one that I have not read yet.  It may be released in the next couple of weeks and I am looking forward to it!  The Seneca Scourge by Carrie Rubin, looks to be an exciting and entertaining medical thriller.  Click on her name for the blurb.

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