Highlights on Living

Today’s six month highlight list includes posts for life management and general tips.

  1. Advanced Directives
  2. Don’t Take Things so Seriously
  3. Taking Care of Your Teeth
  4. GIGO
  5. Personal Mission Statements
  6. Scheduling Priorities 
  7. Dating
  8. Crucial Conversations
  9. The Melting Pot of Ideas and People
  10. Tennis Ball Uses

Responsibility Can be a Four Letter Word

I am running late for work.  I rush out into the garage, throw my stuff in the car, and look up.

Ooooo.  I just have to get a picture of that.  I can use my phone.  No, this calls for a real camera.  But I am running late!  I run back in the house, snap a picture from the garage, and run the camera back into the house.  The drive to work was exquisite torture.  The drive takes me east, so I had a gorgeous view of the sunrise.  Two things kept me from stopping and taking photos.  1) I took my camera back in the house.  2) I was late for work.

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Our Most Precious Resource

What I would do with more time:

Persistence of Time by Salvador Dali

Sleep           Exercise         Clean          Paint         Meditate

Visit             Love          Movies          Recycle          Photos

Cook         Party         Travel         Volunteer         Read

Wish to you balance in sustenance

What would you do?


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Healthy Scheduling

I sat down yesterday and wrote down a list of things that I wanted to accomplish during the week and about how long each item would take to complete.  I then marked how much time I would have to spend on things like work, commuting, and sleep.  Now, I have never been that good at math, but my guess is that 26 hours is a little more than 24.  There is not much wiggle room during the week.  I had to sit down and prioritize my activities.  How many of us have used the excuse “I don’t have time for that” when it comes to working out, eating right or spending time with loved ones?  I went back and looked up this video about how to manage time.  Don’t you just love how you can find anything on the internet!  I have found it most useful in adjusting my perspective in how to plan for the important things.  If you or someone you know have ever had difficulty with time management, it may be helpful to you.  Put first things first and the rest will fill in where it can.  Thanks for taking the time to stop by.  I know how very precious it is.