Have you ever…

Adjusted your clothes while looking at the reflection from outside an office window, remembering a little too late that the people inside can see you just fine?

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Alison asks:  Have you ever…

stopped at a stop sign and waited for it to turn green?


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What the Driver’s Ed Teacher Forgot to Tell Us

I was people (or car) watching on a 4 hour drive this afternoon.  I was not in a hurry so quirky drivers served as my entertainment. Here is some of the advise I would have given to my fellow road warriors today:  Tailgating me does not make the car in front of me go any faster.   Just because you have a big, fancy car does not mean that the fast lane belongs to you alone.  Take a lesson from the hot guy in the convertible, if you must be on the phone, you still have to pay attention to the cars around you.  When you drive into a rainstorm/fog bank/sun glare do NOT slam on your brakes.  While I am sure that everyone behind you appreciates you checking out how well their brakes work, it’s not really the right place for a safety check.  If you are reading a map while driving, chances are, you do not need to be in the fast lane.

What tips do you have for your fellow travelers?

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