Self Employed?

Who knew not working would take up so much of my time?

I have had ideas for posts:

One More Way I stay Warm

Why Does Every Flower and Candy Company Have to Send Me Three Emails a Day for Two Weeks Prior To Valentines?

Making NOT Going to the Gym an Art Form

Unfortunately, I have not penned any of them.  I have had one conference that I actually came out of my introvert bubble and networked with former co-workers that led to: two text job leads/offers to decline and two phone interviews that led to an online application and in-person meet that led to a pending offer phone call.

There were a couple of online applications to send.  Sounds simple, but they always seem to take longer than they should.  If you upload your resume, why do you then have to fill out pages of questions that ask you for the information that is on your CV???

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Fired By Shakespeare

Something is rotten in the state of Denmark…but heaven will direct it.

That is my Shakespeare mash-up for the week.  Shakespeare seemed to enjoy connecting the health of kings with the health of their kingdoms.  Towards the end of last year this seemed to be playing out at my job.  The worse I felt, the worse my clinic was doing.  As I started to feel better, work seemed to pick up.  But, alas, it was but a short reprieve.  My position had shifted from a clinical focus to a more managerial and marketing focus.  As marketing is my Achilles heel, I sat across from my boss last Friday and had “the talk”:

Let’s Just be Friends

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