Popping Pills 2: Iron

My vitamins


I decided to start taking iron a few days a week.  I have tested low enough to be turned away from donating blood a few times.  Since I have been tracking my food intake with the My Fitness Pal app on the phone, I have discovered that my iron intake is low.  In my search for energy and balance, I felt that taking some iron may be helpful.

Like vitamin D, from the previous post, you can take too much iron.  Please use with caution and discuss iron supplementation with your doctor.

The body uses iron to help build red blood cells.  These cells are what carry oxygen through the body.

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S.A.I.D. Principle

SAID Principle

This is a principle that I learned in school.

 It means that when the body is placed under some form of stress, it starts to make adaptations that will allow the body to get better at withstanding that specific form of stress in the future.

The SAID principle is generally applied to athletes that need to train for a specific sport.  Do they need to focus on speed, on power, on endurance?  Athletes train on the field and in the weight room for not only their sport, but their specific position.

I have begun to consider how many other areas of life that the SAID principle can be applied.

  • If I sit on the couch and eat junk all day, my body adapts and becomes really good at coping with that specific habit.
  • As I meditate more often, my body is becoming more adept at relaxing quickly.  I am not carrying stress in my shoulders nearly as much.
  • Though paddleboarding involves a great core workout, my abs were really sore after returning to the gym’s sit-up chair.
  • I have heard that many writers write something everyday.  Even if it is not directly related to a current project, it can improve writing.
  • If faking a smile can make you happy, can whining make you more miserable?

What are you adapting to?

Healthy Apps

I have two new favorite toys on my smart phone. They are fun and informative so I want to share.

1) My Fitness PalMy Fitness Pal

This app is a great tool to journal and track your diet and exercise. It can help you set your calorie goals and will take into account calories burned through the activities you enter. There are countless exercises and food pre-loaded into the app. You can also add your own or just enter a calorie amount. A great bonus is that it tracks several nutrients and will display daily and weekly summaries. It helped me to realize that my iron intake is about half of what it should be. I thought all of those green, leafy vegetables were enough, but now I know that I need to make more of an effort.

I am having the most fun with the bar code scanner that will automatically load all of the information of the foods you scan. You just adjust the number of servings and you are done! The only thing close to frustrating is that when I am making juice, it does not have the juice of a leaf, just the whole plant. There are specific juice recipes pre-loaded, so I did use one that seemed close to what I made for one meal’s “add”.

Keeping a journal can help you be more aware of what you are doing. this app makes it closer to fun to track exercise and diet.

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Pets Beagle

Our first family dog, that I was old enough to remember, was a perfect companion for us kids.  She would head out on her rounds in the neighborhood and visit the neighbors.  She would lay out in the middle of the street to sun.  Everyone in the neighborhood knew who she was and she was a good ambassador for the family, usually.  She was very loyal to us fellow pack members.  If I was sent to my room, she came with me for comfort and company.  She would keep my feet warm under the blankets on cold nights.  All of this is likely why I am such a dog person.

I have had a cat who thought it was hilarious to jump out at me when I walked down the hall.

I have had a gerbil that I thought was hilarious when it jumped out at mom from behind the furniture.

…A beta fish that jumped to his tragic death but was nice enough to land on a tissue and wrap himself up.

Pet Pets

Animals can be great companions.  They can also be used in therapy to help relax spastic muscles and encourage movement of injured limbs.  Horses are used to help build core muscle strength in children.  There are working service animals that help people and society.  Pets can give the lonely and mobility limited a sense of purpose and a feeling of being needed.  They can help you feel safe.  Some say they can help you sleep better.  (That may depend on if they are waking you in the middle of the night to go sniff at the fence.)

research articles

If you have been by the relaxation gallery, you may recognize this last picture.

It is a picture of friend that I can no longer go visit at her home a mile away. I thank her for the fun and and the friendship.


Just this side of Heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge.

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Cold Prevention

It’s that time of year!  The leaves are changing.  The weather is beautiful.  People are sneezing and getting sinus infections.  Fa la la la la…

Colds are around the corner.  

Tips come in lists.  So, here is my list:

  1. Wash your hands often.  For at least 20 seconds.  Try singing happy birthday to time yourself.
  2. Clean door and refrigerator handles at home.
  3. Do NOT share towels.
  4. Clean everything at work.  Phones, handles, keyboards, pens…everything!  Cleaning wipes or disinfectants can be used on non-porous surfaces.  Lysol type sprays can be used on fabrics.
  5. Stay away from sick people!  Be rude.  They should understand and if they do not, they are rude.
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Highlights on Living

Today’s six month highlight list includes posts for life management and general tips.

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The Fast Crash

So, full results disclosure of my recent experiments…

Fatigue is not a new experience, but this is driving me loco.  After the adventurous workouts, it took a few days of riding the couch to get my energy back.  Since I broke the fast, I have been so very tired.  My energy was fine during the workouts and juicing.  A health hangover?  Today I made it to after lunch before I crashed.  A definite improvement over the weekend, when doing laundry was a reason to lay down.  I did have a juice this morning and will have one tonight, if I can find the energy to make it.

Just tired of being tired.  I am sure I will get over it soon enough.   My body is slowly finding homeostasis.  A happy flower, after the rain….